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Extended Banking Channels

SLRP allows small banks to extend its reach without having to open new branches or invest in costly ATM infrastructure. Commoditised mobile technology, expanded Internet coverage along with enterprise cloud solutions are making secure branchless banking possible for a variety of financial services.

Expanded service delivery channels include:

  • Digital Cash Wallets

  • Bills Payments

  • Remittances

  • Mobile Top-Ups

  • G2P Payouts

See the why and how SLRP can extend your banking channels. 



Reach New Customers

The most cost-effective way for banks to acquire new customers is through the Internet. By leveraging on affordable smart phones and Internet connectivity, small banks can now reach out to new customers once too expensive to on-board.  

Strengthen Customer Relationships

SLRP provides community banks with new facilities once limited to their larger, more sophisticated counterparts. 

New Revenue Services

The convenience and security made possible by SLRP opens new fee based revenue opportunities for community banks beyond net interest income. 

National Retail Payment System (NRPS) Path

The ultimate goal of the SLRP solution is to equip community banks with the skills necessary to participate in the larger NRPS framework. By operationalising SLRP and warming the population to the use of e-money, community banks can meaningfully participate in fostering national economic growth by broadening the reach of the county's financial system.



SLRP is a Software as a Service (SaaS) extension to the Checking Account/Savings Account (CA/SA) systems. It comes as an integrated extension of our Core Banking Application Suite™ (CBAS) or work independently with small adjustments to the bank's accounting system. 

Telecommunications Infrastructure

SLRP was designed for the telecommunications infrastructure available to remote areas of the Philippines. Using a combination of 2G and 3G networks, SLRP can facilitate secure financial transactions covering 93% of the Philippine population. As mobile data coverage improves, so will SLRP's reach. 

Cloud Infrastructure

Our systems and your data reside on global scale cloud infrastructure with strong enterprise features designed to protect sensitive information. BCP/DR technologies are built into SLRP by default to allow small banks to meet and exceed the capabilities of their larger counterparts. 

Device Ubiquity

Instead of costly PoS devices, SLRP uses low cost Android smart phones as agent terminals. By adopting low cost Android devices, device logistics cost is minimised and applications can be downloaded directly from Google Play. 

Quick Response Codes

SLRP does away with expensive cards and instead uses QR codes. Unlike physical cards, QR code logistics are simple to manage and can be quickly generated at no cost. SLRP uses 2FA to secure QR codes similar to ATMs.